I'm Crazy. I'm all over the place. I randomly collab with friends. I release clothes when I feel like it. I have no structure. I hate structure. I have a store, it's called Fat Tiger. I have a few brands. This is my personal site for all things creative.

* this website is just like my life. ©

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As a West side Chicago native, Joe continues to break barriers in the creative and fashion space while inspiring his local community. Known for his “Don’t Be Mad” clothing line which he started with only $80, DBM became the driving force for Joe to open up his first brick and mortar Fat Tiger Workshop in 2014 in Chicago’s Logan Square, of which he is the co-owner. Since then, some of his biggest fans are Malia Obama, Chance the Rapper, and SZA. From being a local legend to earning the nation's respect with his Thank You Obama collection to now brands like Mastercard, Mcdonalds, Hebru and Nike have come knocking at his door for collabs. Along with being a designer, Joe continues to be an amazing dad, DJ, entrepreneur, consultant, and continues to live by his mantra, “Clothes is art defined by the times”.