I'm Crazy. I'm all over the place. I randomly collab with friends. I release clothes when I feel like it. I have no structure. I hate structure. I have a store, it's called Fat Tiger. I have a few brands. This is my personal site for all things creative.

* this website is just like my life. ©

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Joe Freshgoods is a designer and creative director from the West side of Chicago. He uses a unique blend of brand narrative, historical, and cultural references, which allow him to create authentic connections with streetwear lovers all over the world. A co-owner of Chicago creative hub Fat Tiger Works, Freshgoods’ unique approach has led to partnerships with brands across the world like AT&T, McDonald’s, the Chicago Bears, and New Balance and his collections feature in magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Complex. An avid proponent of arts education, his real mission is to tell stories through his collections.